Mercedes-Benz Vito

From R450,980

  • The Vito. Runs on ambition.

    Always ready for action? Unable to resist new challenges? Committed to your job? Then you and the Vito go perfectly together. Because the Vito drives you forward – on the road and on the bottom line. Its cost-effectiveness and quality are as exemplary as its versatility and safety. It comes from a true commercial vehicle specialist, after all.

    Innovative assistance and safety systems help ensure that you reach your destinations even more safely. It also has a unique offer when it comes to drive types: front-wheel or rear-wheel drive – the right solution for whatever job you have in mind.

    Plus an extensive network of Mercedes-Benz partners offering a wide range of services will ensure that your Vito remains as solidly reliably as ever. Make your Mercedes-Benz Service the first port of call when it comes to maintenance and repairs. The people who know your vehicle best. So the Vito will remain your invaluable partner for a long time to come.

    Mercedes-Benz Vans. Born to run.


    • Ready when you are. If only all partners were this reliable.

      We want you to quickly appreciate your Vito as a partner. That's why we do all we can to ensure you have a long and reliable relationship. On delivery you will receive a well-proven vehicle featuring Mercedes-Benz quality, that has successfully completed 5.5 million test kilometres as well as comprehensive trials. The Vito is designed to cope with the tough demands placed on a commercially used vehicle. And its comprehensive corrosion protection with fully galvanised body ensures that, even after many years, it still cuts a great figure as a calling card for your company.

      This much is certain: with the Vito, you are opting for a vehicle you can count on. Thanks to its outstanding reliability, it will assist you wherever your work takes you. Because for us "Mercedes-Benz Vans. Born to run." is not just a motto; it is a promise..

    • Experience your own economic miracle. Go further thanks to economical fuel consumption.

      A value that can serve as an example. Just like the hallmark Mercedes-Benz reliability and longevity. It ensures that your Vito is there for you when you need it. Another factor behind this is the long service interval of up to 40,000 km. Outstanding product quality is generally the best way to minimise maintenance and repair costs. To ensure that the Vito still looks as fit as it is on the outside as it is on the inside, we have also given it outstanding corrosion protection, including a fully galvanised body.

    • Reach your destination. With exemplary safety. Safe on all trips.

      Everyone benefits from the exemplary safety and assistance systems in the Vito: you, your passengers and even other road users. Your cargo is also ideally secured in the Vito. Standard equipment on board includes Crosswind Assist, ATTENTION ASSIST, driver's airbag, co-driver's airbag as well as the latest generation of the ADAPTIVE ESP® Electronic Stability Program. The latter also takes into account the vehicle load as part of driving dynamics control. And the QR-code rescue sticker on the B-pillar enables rescue services to scan the vehicle-specific rescue card directly.

      The optional COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST, which continually monitors the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front even outside of cities, and can warn you visually and audibly of a potential collision is a highlight. Windowbags and thorax/pelvis sidebags are optionally available for the driver and front passenger, as is the PRE-SAFE® preventive occupant protection system. And we are sure you will find what you are looking for in the additional safety equipment1 if you are seeking to further enhance the safety equipment of your Vito. They all have one thing in common: they support you in reaching your destinations more safely.

    • Taking your large loads off you. A load compartment as multifaceted as the job itself.

      In the Vito there's space for everything you need to bring with you. With a maximum payload of up to 1374 kg (panel van) and load compartment length of up to 3 m, as a 3200 kg vehicle it is able to handle a variety of loads. Yet that is not all: with 3 body lengths, 2 wheelbase lengths, a flexible load-securing system and practical partitions, it offers you a wealth of individualisation and specialisation options for creating your own professional transport solution.

      No two jobs are alike, after all. Especially if you have to transport people as well as cargo. In which case the Vito Mixto is the perfect choice. It combines functionality and comfort thanks to partial glazing, easy entry and flexible seating for up to six people. If needed, the optional rear bench seat can be removed in just a few simple steps.

      Incidentally: with its large door apertures and a low load compartment sill, the Vito makes even the most difficult jobs child's play – for even more convenient, efficient and safe loading and unloading.

      180° rear doors are also optionally available.

    • Enjoy working here. It's fascinating how comfortable a place of work can be.

      Lets talk about the pleasant aspects of your job: the Vito will send you to work in high spirits thanks to its spacious interior. The seats make a good impression with their durable fabric covering, and you'll be seated comfortably on their ergonomic upholstery during long journeys. In colder times of year the option heated seats for the driver and co-driver are a valuable bonus. Should you need space for 2 passengers up front, you can order the optional co-driver's bench seat.

      Drive to your jobs with ease thanks to electromechanical power steering and the cruise control, multifunction steering wheel with adjustable steering column and trip computer options. The optional air conditioning or automatic climate control helps you stay cool.

      The optionally available audio systems keep you well connected and entertained on the road. Order the optional interior Chrome package to further boost the value of your Vito. And because every successful project starts with good storage facilities, we have equipped the Vito with practical storage compartments.


    Driving Assistance package

    The Driving Assistance package promotes safe driving by means of intelligent systems and can help to avoid accidents.

    Optional equipment.

    Anti-Theft Protection package

    The Anti-Theft Protection package helps to secure the vehicle against theft with a visual and audible alarm signal.

    Optional equipment.

    Chrome interior package

    The Interior Chrome package further enhances the look of the driver's and front-passenger's area with its trim elements on the dashboard and in the front doors

    Optional equipment.

    Smoker package

    The smoker package comprises what smokers need on the road: a cigarette lighter and an ashtray that helps keep the interior clean and tidy.

    Optional equipment.

    Vito Mirror package

    The Vito Mirror package uses automatically dimming mirrors and electrically folding outside mirrors to increase the driving comfort and driving safety.

    Optional equipment.

    Parking package

    The Parking package assists the driver when looking for a parking space, parking and manoeuvring with its Active Parking Assist and reversing camera functions.

    Optional equipment.

    Full-width partition

    The full-width partition at B-pillar protects driver and front passenger from the load and shields the driver compartment from the load compartment, keeping dirt, dust and noise away from the driver's compartment.

    Two-seat co-driver's seat

    Thanks to the 2-seater co-driver's bench seat, there is added accommodation in the cockpit: an additional seat with a three-point safety belt and height-adjustable headrest.

    Optional equipment.

    LED light strip in load compartment

    The LED light strip at the top in the rear illuminates the cargo area as shadow-free as possible and thus improves orientation during loading and unloading.

    Optional equipment.

    Tie-down rails on sidewall waistrail

    With the help of tie-down rails on both sidewalls, half-height bulky goods can be secured with securing straps when being transported and effectively secured against tipping over or shifting.

    Optional equipment.

    Rail system for cargo retention

    The load anchoring system with 2 rails on the load compartment floor allows flexible securing of loads.

    Optional equipment.

    Wood floor

    The robust wood floor can bear heavy loads, protects the cargo area floor from damage, is slip-resistant, easy to clean and improves thermal and acoustic insulation.

    Optional equipment.

    Velour floor mats

    The black velour floor mats visually enhance the cockpit and underscore the elegant, sporty sense of wellness in the vehicle

    Optional equipment.

    Sliding door, right

    The sliding door makes the load compartment accessible from the side and thus enables comfortable loading and unloading.


    Thanks to its generous load compartment aperture, the tailgate also allows bulky load items and luggage to be loaded and unloaded easily.

    Fully galvanised body

    Double-wing rear doors, opening to sidewall

    The double-wing rear doors can be opened back to the sidewalls and secured, making loading and unloading easier.

    Optional equipment.

    Trailer coupling with fixed ball head

    The trailer coupling with rigid tow ball enables pulling trailers with a trailer load of up to 2000 kg.

    Optional equipment.

    Electrics for trailer plug-in socket

    The electrics for the trailer plug-in socket facilitate easy installation of a trailer coupling and thanks to the high-performance cooling system saves further retrofitting and the related costs.

    Optional equipment.

    Electrically operated sliding door left/right

    Power operation of the sliding door on the right or of the optional sliding door on the left allows the door to be opened and closed at the push of a button

    Optional equipment.

    Roof rails

    The roof railing painted black allows the transportation of additional cargo above the roof and gives the vehicle an individual look.

    Optional equipment.

    Roof rail carrier bars

    The lockable roof rail carrier bars are designed for fast and flexible mounting of various Mercedes-Benz transport solutions such as ski and snowboard racks, bicycle racks or roof boxes.

    Optional equipment.

    40.6-cm (16-inch) 10-spoke light-alloy wheels, painted in vanadium silver

    The 40.6-cm (16-inch) 10-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in vanadium silver lend the vehicle a characteristic design and underline its sportiness.

    Optional equipment.

    45.7-cm (18-inch) 10-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels, painted in black with high-sheen finish

    The 45.7-cm (18-inch) 10-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels painted in black, with high-sheen finish, lend the vehicle an exceptional design and underscore its sportiness.

    Optional equipment.

    Exterior mirrors, electrically folding

    The folded-in mirrors are better protected against damage during parking, for example.

    Optional equipment.

    Bumpers and attachments painted in the vehicle colour

    The bumpers painted in the vehicle body colour enhance the all-round visual value appeal of the vehicle.

    Optional equipment.

    THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control

    THERMOTRONIC automatically regulates temperature, air volume and distribution separately for driver and front passenger.

    Optional equipment.

    Hill Start Assist

    Hill-Start Assist helps the driver to safely start off uphill, because it maintains the brake pressure for a short time to prevent the vehicle briefly from rolling back.

    Steering wheel adjustable in inclination and height

    The steering wheel is manually adjustable by 4.8° in height and 60 mm in length via a lever on the steering column.

    Optional equipment.

    Remote-controlled central locking system

    All-round heat-insulating glass

    The green-tinted glass all round ensures that the interior does not heat up so much when exposed to direct sunlight; it also enhances the vehicle's visual value appeal.

    Optional equipment.

    Audio 15

    Compared with Audio 10, Audio 15 additionally offers a high-resolution TFT display with a size of 14.7 cm (5.8 inch) as well as an iPod® interface.

    Optional equipment.

    Multifunction steering wheel with trip computer

    The 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel with trip computer impresses with its pleasant feel and excellent ergonomics.

    Optional equipment.

    Window in tailgate/rear door with wash/wipe system

    The window in the tailgate with wash/wipe system and also rear window heating provides rear visibility in cold and wet weather.

    Optional equipment.

    Heating for windscreen washer system

    The heated windscreen washer system prevents the washer fluid from freezing and allows the windows to be cleaned, even at cold ambient temperatures.

    Optional equipment.

    Audio 10

    The Audio 10 system offers many valuable information and communication functions, such as for instance the hands-free function, audio streaming via Bluetooth®, USB and Aux-in connection and SD memory card slot.

    Optional equipment.

    TEMPMATIC semi-automatic air conditioning

    The semi-automatic TEMPMATIC air-conditioning system increases the feeling of well-being with a pleasant-feeling vehicle interior and makes an important contribution towards driver fitness.

    Optional equipment.

    Hot-water auxiliary heater

    The hot-water auxiliary heater indulges driver and passengers right from the start of the journey with cosy warmth.

    Optional equipment.


    The 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission impresses with its exceptional shift comfort as well as its high fuel savings potential.

    Optional equipment.

    Diesel particulate filter 

    Active Service System ASSYST

    FSG 350 6-speed manual gearbox

    The 6-speed manual transmission offers a good balance between great ride comfort and low fuel consumption.

    Electronic Stability Program ADAPTIVE ESP®

    The adaptive Electronic Stability Program ESP® can support the driver with the generation of direction-stabilising brake forces in critical, driving dynamics situations.

    Adaptive brake lights

    The adaptive brake lights with their conspicuous flashing can significantly reduce the reaction time of the drivers of following vehicles and therefore prevent rear-end collisions.

    Lane Keeping Assist

    The Lane Keeping Assist function can help prevent accidents due to unintentionally leaving the lane the vehicle is travelling in

    Optional equipment.

    Blind Spot Assist

    Blind Spot Assist can help prevent accidents when changing lanes, for example on the motorway.

    The illustration shows a Vito Tourer.

    Optional equipment.

    Anti-theft alarm system

    The anti-theft alarm system (EDW) offers high anti-theft protection for vehicle and cargo.

    Optional equipment.

    Automatic driving lights

    Automatic driving lights automatically switch the headlamps on or off, depending on light conditions, which increases both driving comfort for the driver and road safety.

    Optional equipment.

    Driver thorax/pelvis side airbag

    The thorax/pelvis sidebag can help reduce the risk of injury for drivers strapped in by the seat belt in the event of an accident with side-on impact.

    Optional equipment.

    PRE-SAFE® system

    The PRE-SAFE® system preventive occupant protection system can identify potentially critical driving situations at an early stage and initiate protective measures.

    Optional equipment.

    Windowbags for driver and front passenger

    Windowbags on the driver's and front-passenger's side can contribute to reducing the risk of head and facial injuries in the event of severe accidents involving major side-on impact.

    Optional equipment.


    With the help of numerous parameters, the ATTENTION ASSIST function can detect typical signs of drowsiness and warn the driver.


    COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST combines a proximity and collision warning with the BAS PRO brake assist function.

    Optional equipment.

    Active Parking Assist

    Active Parking Assist helps the driver when searching for a parking space, and also when manoeuvring into and out of parking spaces.

    Optional equipment.

    Reversing camera

    The reversing camera produces a photo-realistic representation of the area directly behind the vehicle in the multimedia system display and can help prevent damage when parking and manoeuvring.

    Optional equipment.

    Front passenger thorax/pelvis side airbag

    The thorax/pelvis sidebag can help reduce the risk of injury for front passengers wearing the seat belt in the event of a serious accident with side-on impact.

    Optional equipment.

    Crosswind Assist

    Crosswind Assist can reduce track offset caused by wind gusts with braking interventions at the upwind wheels

    Driver airbag

    The driver's airbag can protect drivers strapped in by the seat belt from potential head and chest injuries or it can mitigate the consequences in the event of a severe head-on collision.


    The halogen front fog lamps can help improve the driver's vision and make the vehicle more visible in unfavourable weather conditions.

    Technical data

    Compact, 3100 kg, rear-wheel drive

    Vehicle length (mm) 4895
    Kerb weight (kg) at perm. GVW2,3 1960 - 1987
    Payload (kg) at perm. GVW3
    1113 - 1140
    Perm. gross combination weight (kg)4
    Maximum roof load (kg)
    Towing capacity (kg) braked5,6/ unbraked 2000 / 750
    Max. load compartment capacity (m3)7
    0.58 (0.72)
    Max. load compartment length (mm)7 2408 (2433)
    Turning circle Ø (m) / track circle Ø (m) 11.8 / 11.1
    1. The Vito Tourer with front wheel drive and passenger car registration (M1) is temporarily not available in certain countries from 06/2018. For further information please ask your Mercedes-Benz dealer.
    2. Figures according to Directive 92/21/EC, version applicable at time of data input. (with driver: 68 kg, luggage: 7 kg, all service fluids and tank 90 % full.)
    3. Equipment and/or equipment lines may produce an increase/decrease in the GVW and thus influence the payload. Contact your Mercedes-Benz retailer for more information.
    4. Uprated perm. gross combination weight in conjunction with reinforced trailer coupling available as optional equipment depending on type of drive system.
    5. Depending on type of drive system.
    6. Uprated towing capacity in conjunction with reinforced trailer coupling available as optional equipment depending on type of drive system.
    7. Figures in brackets apply to the Vito Tourer BASE.

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